The Week In Seven Photos

This last year it’s been easy to find many topics to ruffle my feathers.

This has led to some deep (very deep) introspection while enjoying some snacks.

One major realization during the deep thoughts is that you’re never too old to enjoy sprinkles.

Second insight is that it’s always ok to trust those childhood messages to be an original

and not follow in the path of others.

Unless the path leads to your favorite watering hole then by all means follow that path.

Now, you might have to ponder this one for awhile, but I do believe the answer to many questions in life is pizza because happy and pizza both have five letters and that’s no coincidence.  Also, if anyone ever tells you that you put too much cheese on your pizza, stop talking to them.  You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.  Because I was worn out from that DEEP sprinkle thought and failed to find any answers to the important questions, these last two thoughts are from Pinterest.