The Week In Seven Photos

As we approach the one year anniversary of our first shutdowns due to the pandemic (a sentence I never imagined writing), I have a few very inconsequential thoughts about how I’ve somewhat adjusted over the last year.  Surprisingly I’m no longer a fan of winter and I don’t know if that’s due to the snow and ice, lack of crowds creating a different vibe, my back refusing to be a fan of shoveling or the dreary gray days.

One thing I know for certain is that beautiful skies make an extreme difference on the attitude during these isolating days.

The pandemic has forever changed the dynamic between pets and their owners and the pets are rewriting the life expectations playbook daily.  Constant companionship, walks and playtime has filled chapters of the book, along with detailed instructions on how to train your owner to play hide-and-seek with your favorite toys.  The other day it took me fifteen minutes to find Harper’s toy.

Varying food obsessions have replaced dining out, with the latest being Margherita pizza, and

missed photo opportunities or blurry photos of the rare eagle sighting can sometimes lead to severe pouting.  It use to lead to a few sniffles, but now those cause a panic.

Some days I would rather look at amazing photos on Instagram instead of going out with my camera, 

but then I would miss out on the chance to layer up with my favorite t-shirt purchase of the year that best sums up how I’ve adjusted.