Curious Foodie Reviews

Curious Foodie Reviews

When you can’t go to the restaurant, bring Rao’s home with you from the market. I’ve loved the New York restaurant’s homemade sauces for years and now a year at home without dining out has led me to discover their wonderful frozen meals (Penne Alla Vodka is a favorite), slow simmer soups (Tortellini & Vegetable is a favorite) and their perfect pasta. Spending a few moments in the Rao’s section before buying a bottle of red will have you singing along later with Dean Martin as you’re preparing the quick and delicious meal.

14 responses to “Curious Foodie Reviews”

  1. Thanks for the review! Had never heard of this brand, but when I looked online on my local supermarket’s website, there were lots of Rao’s products. We eat a very low-carb diet, but occasionally we splurge, and when we do, we will give Rao’s a try.

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    • Thanks for the link!!😁 Love the outdoor cooking and dining (I’ll have to move my microwave out on the deck😁)and I think I’ll be binge watching Gennaro Contaldo cooking outdoors, beginning with his Margherita pizza.😁


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