April 2021 Memories

Walks…Cloud Watching…Birds Singing…Snow and Flowers…Sunrises…Wine and Music…Ninja Foodie Air Fry Oven…Sheet Pan Meals…Delicious Dinners…Restaurant Curbside Pickup…NobodyTales From The Other Green Door PodcastM&M’s Messages…Michigan Becomes COVID-19 Epicenter…COVID-19 Vaccination…Eat Better, Feel Better by Giada De Laurentiis…Ate My First Brussels Sprout…Streaming Shows…Turkeys Have Left For Their Summer Residence…Spoiling Harper…

18 responses to “April 2021 Memories”

  1. A busy April with an utterly adorable picture of Harper. Thanks for the mention of my podcast Tales from the Other Green Door.

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    1. Thank you and I’m looking forward to this week’s episode!🐾🙂

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  2. Harper is so cute! And I especially love the water photos.

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    1. Thank you and Harper loves her walks and being spoiled!🐾🙂

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      1. Yes, I can see that! Blessings.

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  3. Gorgeous photos 👌🌹🙏

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  4. An interesting collection! So, will you be eating a second Brussels sprout?!

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    1. LOVE Brussels sprouts and maybe one day I’ll even look forward to my next one just like my M&M’s!😁


  5. You never ate Brussels sprouts till this month? Wow! The rest of my family don’t like them. I love them and make my husband eat them. You’ve had a busy April.

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    1. After years of being more fascinated with appetizer and dessert options, Brussels sprouts will now appear regularly on the dinner menu.😁

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      1. I usually just boil them but when I’m trying to be posh I cut them in half, fry them with bacon lardons and black bean sauce.

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      2. I’ve been using my new Ninja Foodie oven and I just bought more today!😁

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