The Week In Five Photos

There has been plenty of debate across the country this week regarding eliminating mask mandates as COVID-19 cases continue to decline and vaccinations increase, but

nothing has changed for me after receiving my vaccine and my masks and neck gaiter have now become favorite fashion accessories.

On a more serious note, the continued use of masks is also for the added protection of family members and please keep in mind that those with compromised immune systems should “be aware of the potential for reduced immune responses to the vaccine” and a recent study from the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center found that “people with cancer that affects the blood, bone marrow or lymph nodes are at an elevated risk of COVID-19 vaccine failure, particularly those with chronic lymphocytic leukemia.” There are many loved ones, even after vaccination, that will need to continue to take preventative measures, follow public health guidelines and continue to wear masks going forward. I’ve included a link to a story a family hopes raises awareness after the loss of their father.

I’ve discovered that the COVID-19 vaccine has offered a peace of mind as I go about my daily life, but

it has not made me want to change my current lifestyle choices and I find myself more content each day to stay home, cook and eat plenty of vegetables. I think my magical Ninja Foodie Air Fry Oven and special Baby Yoda masks have cast a strange spell on me.

It also helps to have a book you cannot put down and this week it was Finding Freedom: A Cook’s Story; Remaking A Life From Scratch by Erin French that I highly recommend.

16 responses to “The Week In Five Photos”

  1. You raised some excellent points. Very sensible to wear snazzy masks and eat lots of veggies. I will continue to wear my mask for a while, but next week we will be having vaccinated friends over for chilli. First time in a year!

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    1. LOVE my snazzy masks and enjoy the exciting get together!😁

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  2. Thanks for this summary of your week, ACI. It is difficult to know how to move forward when there are so many different opinions and people are still getting sick and dying. Great that you have embraced your own comfort space, and wonderful to see you have much beauty around you. Lovely photos, as always. That dock sunset is especially inviting.

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    1. Thank you!🙂 After the vaccine, It’s been wonderful to not feel panicky wandering through the days and it’s a wonderful time of year to spend early mornings at the parks with the birds and few people.🙂

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  3. Thanks for the link to “Freedom” – what a great story, and the food she’s producing looks amazing.
    I think we’re a long way from emerging out of the pandemic, although the decline in transmission combined with increased vaccination has me hopeful. If Hogwarts Yoda could speed things along, that’d be helpful…
    Have a great weekend!

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    1. Another great memoir and now I’m watching her in The Lost Kitchen on Discovery Plus about the restaurant and how they coped over the last year. I’ve been very surprised at how much the vaccine has eased my mind, but also that it did not make me think about any lifestyle changes this year. For so long it looked so strange to see empty seats at stadiums and now it looks so strange to see crowds. Still can’t believe Harper refuses to wear a matching Baby Yoda scarf. Enjoy the weekend!🙂


  4. Valid points and I advocate acceptance of letting others do what makes them feel safe, even wearing a mask after being vaccinated. Each must attend their feelings on the matter. I’m vaccinated, but I wear my mask in public because I want to! 🙂 Have a great weekend!

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    1. I had no idea when I wrote this midweek how quickly things would change, but I’ll be continuing to wear my masks and avoiding people (but that’s nothing new for me😁). Still too many unknowns for me to feel comfortable not wearing one or being in crowded places and I just love my Baby Yoda masks. Enjoy the weekend and gardens!!🙂

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  5. So useful information 🌷Thank you 👌🙏🌷

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  6. It will be a long while before I can feel comfortable abandoning my mask for anything. There are just way too many vulnerable that aren’t protected at all or not fully protected because of bigger health issues like you mentioned. We are getting a new extended family member that is a much higher risk individual and I’m absolutely committed to doing my part to help keep her safe.

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    1. I can’t believe how quickly things have changed over the last week with the new mask requirement recommendations. It took a long time to adjust to this new world over the last year and for me there are too many unknowns, especially for those with health issues, and after everything that has happened I prefer the choices that offer the greatest peace of mind.🙂

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      1. Same here. All those changes made my daughter’s recital very interesting because it wasn’t as protected as we had been planning for. I was just glad we all managed to get fully vaccinated with a little time cushioning after the second before we had to sit in a non-socially distanced audience that many still refused to wear masks even though the venue required it. And as much as I loved it, I’m also really glad it’s over for another year.

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      2. With all the problems involved keeping events going, wonderful your daughter was able to keep dancing through all this and I enjoyed reading about all the photos you captured and the photo shoot review with your daughter.🙂

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