The Week In More Than Seven Photos

Lately as I’ve been reflecting on a few things,

I’ve often thought that it’s total malarky that the 50s are the new 30s. As I find myself debating between taking the very heavy Tamron lens or my new adorable tiny lens for my iPhone on photography outings,

my inner 30s voice has been saying definitely take the Tamron so you can capture those distant wildlife shots while my 50s neck and back is loudly proclaiming don’t you dare make me ache for hours and please go capture closeups of flowers with that macro lens.

I’ve learned to occasionally compromise in my 50s and now take the Tamron lens while kayaking and wander the parks with my iPhone and Nikon 55-300mm lens. While I love capturing the curious little birds, it’s so painful to pass the rookery without my wildlife lens.

Harper would prefer that all my cameras disappear as she hates to be woken from a wonderful nap

by the sound of my camera bag opening and knowing something other than her has captured my attention.

So while I continue to ponder and try to stop my inner 30s spirit from laughing nonstop at my new Crocs,

one thing all my inner voices can agree upon is that nobody has ever called me sunshine.