The Week In More Than Seven Photos

The Week In More Than Seven Photos

Lately as I’ve been reflecting on a few things,

I’ve often thought that it’s total malarky that the 50s are the new 30s. As I find myself debating between taking the very heavy Tamron lens or my new adorable tiny lens for my iPhone on photography outings,

my inner 30s voice has been saying definitely take the Tamron so you can capture those distant wildlife shots while my 50s neck and back is loudly proclaiming don’t you dare make me ache for hours and please go capture closeups of flowers with that macro lens.

I’ve learned to occasionally compromise in my 50s and now take the Tamron lens while kayaking and wander the parks with my iPhone and Nikon 55-300mm lens. While I love capturing the curious little birds, it’s so painful to pass the rookery without my wildlife lens.

Harper would prefer that all my cameras disappear as she hates to be woken from a wonderful nap

by the sound of my camera bag opening and knowing something other than her has captured my attention.

So while I continue to ponder and try to stop my inner 30s spirit from laughing nonstop at my new Crocs,

one thing all my inner voices can agree upon is that nobody has ever called me sunshine.

25 responses to “The Week In More Than Seven Photos”

  1. Hello sunshine 😁, yes it can a problem deciding which lens to carry while out walking. A few years back I decided to ask my self, is it a walk or a photography outing. Now a walk is reduced to a phone in pocket.
    But why is it some of the best wild life photo opportunities always happen when the only camera with you is the phone. 😭
    Have a great weekend ☘️

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    • All my inner voices cheered after reading Hello sunshine!!!😁 This is the first summer that I’ve been wandering the parks without my Tamron lens and I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve said I wish I had my other lens!! I’m slowly adjusting and have been surprised how much I’ve enjoyed using my phone this year. I only take the phone on walks with Harper and so far she’s agreed to me taking photos as long as she approves of where we stop. Enjoy the weekend!!🐾😁

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  2. Your new crocs are so happy! Lovely photos, looks like a very nice nature preserve. I recently picked up a Nikkor 50mm lens which I really love, been using it exclusively. Have a great weekend!

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  3. Your dilemma only increases as you age. Wait until you hit your sixties. πŸ˜‰ Still, we adapt and continue to find ways to be creative, even if the aging body creaks a bit. Finally, LOVE those new Crocs.

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    • Thank you!!😁 Love my new Crocs and little lens and hopefully I will reach the point where I’ve adjusted and never say again at the end of a photography outing that I should have left the heavy lens home and wore different shoes. Unfortunately, my memory isn’t as good either and after a few weeks I convince myself it wasn’t that bad and take the heavy lens and wear the wrong shoes!😁


  4. Wonderful photographs and commentary! I far prefer to be in my 50s than 30s, aside from ever increasing frailties, mostly because there is a wealth of accumulated experience and far more to rant/complain about – ever increasing frailties being one of the favourite topics!
    Have a great weekend, Sunshine!

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    • Thank you!!😁 My inner 50s voice had to stop and consult the other voices for a minute and while there was a strong consensus that we should have quit counting after 40, it was determined that age has allowed us to perfect our rants and their duration over the decades and that we’re going to celebrate the sunshine comment all weekend!!πŸ₯‚πŸ˜


  5. I’m a bit jealous over that lens. I need one like it but for my Canon. I doubt I’ll be seeing anything like it anytime in my future after the massive room project. By the time I do, I’ll most definitely be at the point where I have to think long and hard about what my body will think about hauling it around.

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