The Week In One Photo

The Week In One Photo

Well, obviously summer heard me bad-mouthing it earlier in the week and wanted to show me how much more I could dislike summer. We’re currently among the 616,000 in our area without power after a week of heat advisories, severe storms and what felt like a record setting six hours straight of thunder and lightning. Luckily there were no tornados like the last round of storms. I will be keeping my thoughts about summer to myself going forward, but after that thunderstorm I don’t think I’ll be able to stop Harper from complaining about summer.

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  1. Oh, that must have been awful to go through that storm and now be without power. Is it still hot? HOT and no AC is a miserable combination. Do you have an emergency generator? We put one in years ago, because I got tired of hauling water from the stream (esp. in winter!) and watching the food spoil in the freezer and fridge. So grateful that it kicks on when we need it. Take care, hope power is restored soon.

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    • Emergency generator has gone to the top of the wish list!!! I don’t think the thought will fade as it usually does now that the power has returned. I think we’ve handled our winter power outages over the years much better and our priority for an emergency generator has changed after a few outages this summer during this horrible heat and humidity. The freezer and fridge has been cleaned out again and my opinion about grocery shopping is getting as bad as my one about summer!!! We have a few days of perfect weather before the tropical weather and storms return and so far they’re saying more chances of thunderstorms but nothing severe and I hope they are right because Harper’s still recovering from the record-setting thunder and lightning!!!

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  2. Yikes! I hope power is restored soon, and you get more comfortable temperatures over the weekend…
    Kane to play and score the winner, then transfer to City who go on to finish second in the Premier league?!

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    • I think the weather gods are just plain laughing at me now as the power returned with the arrival of a wonderful cold front and perfect weather!!!! After drinking my first ice coffees for a few days, I’m thrilled to have my hot cup of coffee in the morning to stay warm! I’ve been muttering about Kane joining a team I’ve disliked the last few years, but with the signing of another favorite, Jack Grealish, I might already be a new Man City fan before Kane arrives and they blow away all the competition this year!!😁


  3. 6 straight hours of thunderstorms, wow thats extreme. Hope your power is back. We had the mother of all storms about 3 weeks ago which lasted all afternoon and kept cutting off important work phonecalls.

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