Monday Musings

There have been moments lately when I feel like the universe is quietly laughing at me. As a curious soul, I’m always looking for more information and new thoughts, but things have gone in an extremely strange direction since the pandemic began. I’ve discovered that some days I’m very close to being a vegetarian and how did I reach my fifties without knowing cauliflower is available in my favorite color and that I’m very happy to substitute gnocchi and Halloumi cheese for meat and have developed a cherry tomato obsession.

As I’ve spent more time hanging out with the wildlife than people, I was shocked to discover that some western cousins of my favorite little chipmunks carry the plague. The title of the article carried the statement “but don’t worry (too much).” Guess what, yep I’m a worrier and look at little chipper some days as suspiciously as I look at people attending crowded events.

If that wasn’t bad enough, then I read that deer have tested positive for antibodies of the virus that causes COVID-19 and that Harper and I can easily be distracted by the morning glare of the sun

and bunnies running along the path while not realizing we’re standing next to a snake.

As much as I try to walk a peaceful path of thoughts, I hear the quiet laugh of the universe in the rustling leaves.