The Week In Seven Photos

Over my lifetime I’ve always sent out those silent thoughts to the universe of how about a peaceful week and now have realized in middle age a stronger message is sometimes needed.

Having that coffee mug reminder helps when you immediately begin your day encountering obstacles and one can hope the first thought will be to look for something positive and lo and behold there’s a little deer enjoying all those easy to reach leaves on the fallen tree blocking your path.

It was a week with another round of storms causing broken branches and trees falling throughout the state and another power outage.

Ok universe, I thought we agreed we weren’t going to kill my working on not being a pessimist vibes and thankfully the universe answered with only a 24 hour power outage during cool weather. Watching the cool breeze swirling the curtains while listening to Elvis, it was almost easy to convince myself that I loved glamping. Actually, it’s possible that after four power outages this summer I’ve turned into a glamping fool as long as the temperature remains below 72 degrees. I’m not sure if it was due to being cold for the first time in months or the Saint Brendan’s Irish Cream, but I began seeing snowmen in the clouds.

Cold weather, exciting Notre Dame overtime victory, beginning of the NFL season, beautiful sunrises

and I’m almost hypnotized into a very delicate state of good vibes.