The Week In Seven Photos

You may have noticed an occasional reference to some of my favorite things, but this week I thought I would mention a few favorite obsessions. It was very difficult to move on from the recent coffee candy corn obsession,

but the fabulous P.F. Chang’s Home Menu Frozen Kung Pao Cauliflower quieted the candy corn mania.

Moving from summer to autumn has not stopped my sunrise obsession or my power outage obsession after another one this week,

but there may have already been a few moments of panic over my obsession to end our humid and stormy summer.

Harper and I are not adjusting to being outdoors in the dark in the morning and early evening without a proper lookout

to tell us what’s darting through the yard.

My love of the color purple is not an obsession, but I might create a new one to use as an excuse to convince Harper we need one of these in the backyard to scare away any creatures lurking in the dark.