Fan Day Delight

Historic College Football Game Today At Noon

First Top-10 Meeting Between The Rivals Since 1964

#6Michigan Wolverines (Go Blue) vs. #8Michigan State Spartans (Go Green)

10 responses to “Fan Day Delight”

  1. Those confections look so delicious! I never cared for football, too slow a game.

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    1. What a great milkshake and game!!🏈😁

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    1. Unbelievable milkshake and football game!!🏈😁

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  2. Had to look twice at the green stuff, thought it was broccoli πŸ˜‚ looks yummy though and a fab way to celebrate a football clash.

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    1. I’ve been talking about the milkshake as much as the great game!!🏈😁


    1. I still can’t stop saying that even days after enjoying the milkshake!!😁

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