The Week In Seven Photos

Recently I went for my biennial eye exam and left thinking why oh why wasn’t I given a prescription to view the world through rose-colored glasses decades ago. Instead I began my eyeglasses journey with a severe near-sighted prescription and now, along with another slight vision change, I’ve been informed the pressure in my eyes is high and a glaucoma checkup is necessary.

In addition to that shock, I’ve been shocked to see COVID-19 cases remain high in our state (4,882 daily cases) and Trump 2024 signs in yards, which has led to the idea that maybe I should just consider taking off my glasses so the world would appear very blurry and I would have no idea what’s going on around me. It could possibly create a blurry version of optimism with a bonus of always missing the wrong teams scoring during my favorite sporting events and rewarding Harper for what I’m sure would look like a perfect pose.

Walking around without my glasses would mean I would never have to see the new and old 2020 Trump political signs (that for some unknown reason have never been taken down), but then I would miss the changing fall colors,

the first frost,

curling up with the latest Jack Reacher novel,

seeing what friends Harper is inviting over for a playdate,

and there goes imagining sunrise since I would be freezing after walking into the lake by mistake. I better write a note as to where I’ve left my glasses, because now that I’m aging quicker than I knew I may not remember where they are and could really end up stuck wandering around in a blur of mistaken optimism.