The Week In Seven Photos

Recently I went for my biennial eye exam and left thinking why oh why wasn’t I given a prescription to view the world through rose-colored glasses decades ago. Instead I began my eyeglasses journey with a severe near-sighted prescription and now, along with another slight vision change, I’ve been informed the pressure in my eyes is high and a glaucoma checkup is necessary.

In addition to that shock, I’ve been shocked to see COVID-19 cases remain high in our state (4,882 daily cases) and Trump 2024 signs in yards, which has led to the idea that maybe I should just consider taking off my glasses so the world would appear very blurry and I would have no idea what’s going on around me. It could possibly create a blurry version of optimism with a bonus of always missing the wrong teams scoring during my favorite sporting events and rewarding Harper for what I’m sure would look like a perfect pose.

Walking around without my glasses would mean I would never have to see the new and old 2020 Trump political signs (that for some unknown reason have never been taken down), but then I would miss the changing fall colors,

the first frost,

curling up with the latest Jack Reacher novel,

seeing what friends Harper is inviting over for a playdate,

and there goes imagining sunrise since I would be freezing after walking into the lake by mistake. I better write a note as to where I’ve left my glasses, because now that I’m aging quicker than I knew I may not remember where they are and could really end up stuck wandering around in a blur of mistaken optimism.

16 responses to “The Week In Seven Photos”

  1. A beautiful rose-coloured post about some difficult subjects 😊 I hope the glaucoma check proves reassuring; you’ve reminded me that I need to book my check-up too 👓 Stay well, keep looking at the many good things around you and sharing them with us 😍

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    1. Thank you!🙂 Thankfully it’s been diagnosed early and I’ll be too excited about my new glasses to choose the blurry option and miss enjoying and sharing my surroundings.🙂

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  2. True skill and spirit, ACI, adding humor to ageing in these wonderful words and photos. Sending a smile your way today.

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    1. Thank you!!😁 Since I also was told at the eye exam that I have blocked tear ducts, I have no choice but to laugh and not cry over being dragged into facing middle age.😁

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  3. Oh, my! I know just what you mean. Sometimes not “seeing” seems ever so much more inviting that looking closely at what’s going on. (H-m-m-m, that just might be the theme in a certain Great Library series.) Very difficult. And, Robin, at Breezes at Dawn, goes a step further and wonders how we can extend our love to people with whom we have major, major disagreements. I don’t have any answers, but your post and Robin’s post illustrate how we need to be thinking about such things.

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    1. Yep, just when I’m hoping for blurry optimism I’ll be picking up my new glasses and seeing everything more clearly than before and continuing to shake my head in disbelief at those signs and life.🙂

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  4. A nice collection of photos, your dog is so cute! How can the case number be rising so quickly? And I’m flying home next month, scary!

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    1. Thank you!🐾🙂 Our case numbers have been steadily rising since summer and they’re our highest numbers since April. We’ve gone through multiple surges of COVID-19 while cases have dropped throughout the country. Still hoping the vaccine and mask will keep me safe from all the colds, flu and COVID-19.


  5. There are new Trump signs??? I think blurry vision or rose tinteds may have its advantages but you would miss all that awesome stuff. My vision has altered and my specs are bent so my views are odd at the moment. Not too odd to notice your fabulous pictures this week though.

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    1. Thank you and I wish I could blame my glasses on some of my views being odd!😁 It’s basically impossible not to see any bumper stickers or signs while I’m out wandering around. I’ve always had the fear that my glasses would somehow fall into the lake while kayaking or on the trails while taking photos and I’d be lucky to find my way home.😁


  6. ‘Mistaken optimism’ – love it! 😀

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  7. Great pictures! Very early middle age is proving to be quite trying – however, blurred optimism is definitely the way to approach most things. As for those lawn signs, well, vision can be somewhat corrected, but blind stupidity? Nope, you’re best off ranting!

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    1. 😁Thank you!!😁 The ranting continues (with a chuckle over your comment every time I see a sign), but just when I wanted to embrace my blurry optimism I’ll have to have my glasses on this weekend due to the excitement over Tottenham’s new coach just in time for the Everton matchup and Netflix releasing Idris Elba’s new western. Will I finally see a Kane goal?!?!😁


  8. Wonderful photos! Sometimes you have to just step over a little dog poop when enjoying a beautiful stroll. 🙂

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