Let’s Begin The Season With An All-Time Favorite

Baby, It’s Cold Outside – Dean Martin

8 responses to “Let’s Begin The Season With An All-Time Favorite”

  1. Look at that snow! Only rain in Maine.

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    1. Looked and felt like winter for a day!❄️❄️ I think that might be it for the month and hope we have a snowy December.☃️🙂

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  2. Oh goodness, snow. Doesn’t seem two minutes since your heatwave and storms. Apologies if my ‘like’ hasn’t shown up. My phone is doing inexplicable things for the last few weeks and keeps sending me round in circles and telling me to log in then telling me the same thing again but not actually letting me do things.

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    1. Many days my phone is as unpredictable as the weather. Our weather has been crazy this year and after a wonderful cold snowy day we are back to rain and sixty degrees tomorrow. I’m thrilled the heatwaves and storms are over and hope for a snowy and not icy winter.❄️❄️🙂

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