The Week In Seven Photos

With the changing seasons, shorter days and ongoing pandemic, I’ve been thinking about the topic of adjustment this week and, it’s official, my adjustment meter has broken!

After what feels like a record-setting decade of adjustment, the broken adjustment meter has led to an effort to embrace a mindset of choosing to accept and let go before exhausting myself trying to adjust.

Now, is that always possible, no, and yes I wish I had made this choice on my own terms, but I guess when you’re one of those souls that gets a tight grip while digging in your heels on not wanting to adjust again, it might take a pandemic to pry those fingers loose from an unwinnable mindset.

There’s so much in life we are forced to accept and adjust to that we cannot control. At the moment, I just want to sit back quietly and

search for the most peaceful path

toward wondering what I’m going to do with all this free time just accepting or somehow happily ignoring the changing times and seasons of life.