The Week In Seven Photos

The Week In Seven Photos

I don’t know about you, but I just love when it snows in November and December. The beautiful holiday decorations look wonderful surrounded by snow and I have extra time to quietly ponder life while shoveling. We only had five inches of snow so the thoughts weren’t very deep, but has anyone else noticed that one of my favorites Bruce Willis has a new action movie every month that requires very little action from him…why is there still a debate about Die Hard not being a Christmas movie when it’s one of the best of the season…how in the world was 10 billion spent on Cyber Monday when I still find it unenjoyable to shop online and what is everyone buying that I don’t know about…will I be wearing my new Black Friday sale Toronto Maple Leafs hoodie while watching them in the Stanley Cup Finals this season…will Michigan beat Iowa in the Big Ten Championship game tomorrow or will I be throwing my Michigan hoodie at the tv…every time Dr.Fauci says get boosted, I’m happy I got boosted, but omicron and the melting snow has sure busted my happy snow globe booster bubble…

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  1. As always, I so enjoyed your Week in Seven Photos, ACI. The snow globe photos were terrific and creative, and that last one of Harper in the snow is really adorable. Gave me a smile. I enjoyed your thoughts too on all the oddities that we humans have going on. Cheers, my friend.

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  2. I’m with you all the way with snow this time of year. Love it! However, unlike you I do enjoy shopping online, especially if it means I don’t have to go into a big box store. Little specialty shops are a whole lot more fun.

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    • Love the snowy December days!☃️😁 For some reason I still haven’t adjusted to enjoying reading ebooks and shopping online. Love the excitement of discovering something new while browsing through stores and as much as I love my iPhone, somehow I’ve been unable to capture the same enjoyment of buying too many books or hoodies at the store.😁


  3. Wonderful snow globe photographs! I read somewhere that all these Bruce movies – monthly as you say – require him to turn up for a day or two, shoot his scenes, then the rest of the movie gets made around that! I’ll have to watch a couple, see if it is true. Die Hard is the best Christmas movie ever made. Well, second best after It’s a Wonderful Life?
    Love the Maple Leafs optimism you have, and let’s pretend that’ll happen if it isn’t the Flames…
    There is supposed to be some snow here tomorrow which is always exciting, and short lived!
    No Everton game until Monday, so the weekend will be a good one.

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    • Thank you!🐾☃️🙂 There was another Bruce Willis movie released this week and even though I believe that article you read, I just know I’m going to hit that rental button.😁 It’s A Wonderful Life is on my Christmas movie marathon list, but the top three that must be watched are Die Hard, Love Actually and Home Alone. I just know the Maple Leafs have to win one of these years!! Wonderful to hear you will have snow instead of rain and hope Everton joins Tottenham in a win this weekend!🙂


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