OMG An Eagle, Why Don’t I Have My Nikon With Me?!

12 responses to “OMG An Eagle, Why Don’t I Have My Nikon With Me?!”

  1. You were fast on the draw with your cell phone, though! I am never prepared either. It usually goes… “I think that is an eagle…OMG, it is!” Then it is gone. 😉

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    1. What a week with the eagles, not so much for photos!!😁 Luckily the ducks alerted me to this eagle flying over and I just kept clicking away hoping I captured something with my phone. Another day an eagle flew over the house for the first time and, of course, I did not have any camera with me. Then I had another great opportunity watching a golden eagle fly toward me and land close by for a perfect shot and, of course, I could not quietly contain my excitement and he immediately flew off after capturing one photo with my Nikon.😁

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      1. Their eyesight is so amazing, they see you down to the smallest detail… including Harper! 😮

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      2. I’ve never seen an eagle as big as that golden eagle and luckily I was so noisy that he didn’t have time to think about Harper.🐾🙂

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  2. It happens! Still a nice photo. I just returned from Michigan this morning for an early Christmas with my family and left the Nikon Z6 at home. I used the iPhone 12 instead and got so many great photos and videos.

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    1. Thank you!🙂 I’ve been using my iPhone more often lately, but I’ll be taking my Nikon again and hoping to see another eagle. Wonderful you were able to enjoy an early Christmas with your family and make it back home before our coldest day of the season.🙂

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      1. The most recent version of the iPhone is great, yet they still can’t match our Nikons. It was so fun to be together again!

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  3. Still a great picture and an amazing sight. My phone would not have captured that.

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    1. Thank you!🙂 I keep looking for the eagles and have both cameras with me again.🙂


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