Favorites Of The Week

Favorites Of The Week

Winter Morning Walks…Ice And Fog On The Lake…Yellowstone Season Finale…9-1-1:Lone Star…BBQ Pork Nacho…Blue Skies And Sunshine Warming Up A Cold Walk…Discovering The Release Date For Reacher On Amazon Prime (2/4/22)…Enjoying The Sunday New York Times On A Snowy Morning…Carole King And James Taylor: Just Call Out My Name Film…Best Sunset Of The Year…

14 responses to “Favorites Of The Week”

  1. Fabulous photographs – winter is looking great, and so is Harper, very cute! And a trailer for a Jack Reacher series starting soon? Hooray!
    Enjoy the weekend, hopefully one without too much snow shovelling…

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    • Thank you!🐾🙂 The new Reacher series looks great and with Lee Child as an executive producer saying if you love Reacher it’s perfect, I’m sure I’ll have the series watched in a day. No snow this weekend, but hopefully plenty of blue skies during more cold walks. Enjoy the weekend!🙂


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