Winter Days And Netflix

Stay Close Official Trailer

10 responses to “Winter Days And Netflix”

  1. A beautiful photo! I wouldn’t trust the ice just yet…❤️

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    1. Thank you!🙂 I definitely prefer walking along the shore, but this was the first weekend for seeing some ice shanties on the lakes.🙂

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      1. OK, my grandpa always had a shanty on the lake, I remember being in there with him while he was spear fishing. He loved using the Tip-up system too.

        He would be in the warm house and use binoculars to see if the flags were tripped!

        This was on Lake Van Ettan in Oscoda near the closed military base. So many wonderful memories from those years!

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  2. This looks promising – Harlan Coben is always entertaining, and he’s got a good sense of sly humour as well…

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    1. A great combination of a favorite author and actors (James Nesbitt and Cush Jumbo).🙂


  3. Beautiful photo, and I am definitely putting “Stay Close” on my watch list. Hadn’t heard of it. Thanks for mentioning it on your post.

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    1. Thank you!🙂 Love when a cast of favorites creates something as good as the book.🙂

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      1. On the docket for tonight!

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