Favorites Of The Week

Favorites Of The Week

Taking hundreds of photos of the visiting cedar waxwings on a berry binge…Deer family daily visits…Standing guard and protecting Harper on her leash during early morning potty patrol as two foxes dart through the yard and never head in our direction…Grand Traverse Select Semidry Riesling…Snacks and beverages ready for the NFL Super Wild Card Weekend…Favorite teams making the NFL playoffs (Green Bay Packers, Buffalo Bills, Pittsburgh Steelers, Cincinnati Bengals)…Mads Mikkelsen double feature (Another Round, Riders Of Justice)…More Harlan Coben on Netflix (The Stranger, Safe)…Temps hitting a very warm thirty degrees…

27 responses to “Favorites Of The Week”

  1. Truly fantastic photos of the cedar waxwing, ACI. The different postures, berry popping, and distinct wingtips and tail tips unique to this species. I also enjoyed reading your favorite activities of the week with Harper and the fox pair, winter fun. And I, too, am looking so forward to Wildcard Weekend, this year including Monday night, too. I was glad the Steelers got in, for BR’s final season. Great fun and great snacks await. Fun post, thank you.

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    • Thank you!!🙂 What a week of favorites, the beautiful cedar waxwings along with one of the best sports weekends!! I think I was just as excited about seeing five cedar waxwings enjoying the berries as when some of my favorite teams won the Super Bowl. I was thrilled to see Ben make the playoffs in his final season and even if the odds aren’t in their favor, I always think they have a chance to win with Ben and Tomlin. Should be a great weekend of football and hope I don’t have to miss any Brady touchdowns if the cedar waxwings show up again. Enjoy the weekend and games!!🏈😁

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  2. Wonderful waxwing images – I can well imagine wanting to take photo after photo…
    Sounds like potty patrol with Harper has a few risks – yikes!
    I hope your weekend goes well, with the teams you’re backing doing the business!

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    • Thank you!🙂 It was wonderful to have the waxwings visit for a few days and I hope they remember to stop by again. There have been so many noises in the dark while out with Harper and I had been hoping it was the deer. I’ve wanted to make a run for the door over a few noises, but there is absolutely no convincing her to hurry up as some days she loves to dawdle about in the freezing weather. I hope the cold weather doesn’t affect my favorite team tonight, as I’m hoping for a Green Bay Packers/Buffalo Bills Super Bowl. I hope I didn’t just jinx them and you’re enjoying the weekend!🏈🙂


  3. Great shots of the waxwings! We’re still seeing a few here regularly, between a mind-boggling number of robins. Most of the songbirds are afraid of the robins, but not the waxwings. They’re tough!

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