Favorites Of The Week

Wasn’t sure after beginning the week with very cold temperatures and a bad football attitude after some epic losses if I would discover new favorites for the week, but all it took was watching my first pileated woodpecker in the middle of a snowstorm…chasing little birds through the snow…binge watching the first season of Raising Dion on Netflix and glad I only have to wait a week to binge watch the second season…triple berry smoothies…discovering my favorite book of the week, The Maid by Nita Prose, will have a big-screen adaptation…giving the birds, deer, squirrels and turkeys extra snacks during a few -10 degree sunrises…thinking the puffed up little birds look warmer than me and I should go inside and rent a movie…as the football gods continue to mock me in the new year, luckily it’s been a month of enjoyable surprises in the book, tv series and movie worlds with another wonderful find in the French film Delicious

18 responses to “Favorites Of The Week”

  1. Beautiful, beautiful pictures! So glad you liked “Raising Dion.” We, too, are looking forward to Season 2. Great news about “The Maid.” Because of your recommendation, I’ve requested the book through interlibrary loan.

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    1. Thank you!🙂 The trailer for Season 2 looks good and I definitely did not predict the ending of the first season.🙂

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      1. Right? When I watched it the second time, I looked for clues, which were there but subtle. My daughter had never seen the series so I said not a word about the surprise ending, which surprised her, too. Well done, wasn’t it?

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      2. Very well done and I’m already planning on binge watching the new season during our winter storm arriving Wednesday.🙂

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      3. Have fun! We, too, will be watching, if not binging.

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  2. So wonderful photos , I’m admiring the lovely birds, God gave them strength
    To live with this snow winter season , mists so amazing 😮👌🌝 take care 🙏❤️

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  3. Wonderful shots… I really love the female cardinal. ❤

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  4. nice assortment and sorry to hear your Football Gods are MIA.

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  5. A good week for bird photography, even if Harper mostly disagrees with the outings! The birds would probably prefer less snow too…
    Will definitely check out the cookery movie – that food snobbery and similar still exists in some quarters (my experience in a French kitchen, where the idea a non-French person could cook was interesting! We were up for an award, locally prestigious and never bestowed on any but French chefs in that region, so when it was won, there were some mutterings!)
    Not too much sport this weekend, not that I follow anyway, and thank goodness for that!

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    1. Thank you!🙂 I wasn’t sure if my love of cooking movies and shows would include one in 1789 France, but I immediately enjoyed the wonderful cast and story. How exciting to not only live, travel and cook in France, but also be a part of an award winning team that made the locals jealous!! Ok, we need a Top Chef blog post about some of the amazing dishes and living in France!! Luckily I’ve been adding to my stack of books since I still don’t know if I have the strength to watch the football games on Sunday. Enjoy the weekend!🙂


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