Favorites Of The Week

Enjoying a beautiful sunrise out on the lake…binge watching Reacher later today…watching a powered paraglider over the lake…Chickadee high five celebration over the Cincinnati Bengals advance to the Super Bowl…Billy Bob Thornton in Goliath…watching squirrels and dogs running through the snow…talking about favorite documentaries of the week (Julia and The Beatles: Get Back)…bluebirds visiting and asking for a ride to someplace warm…Season 2 of Raising Dion…trying to create frozen bubbles, but just watching them float toward the clouds…

14 responses to “Favorites Of The Week”

  1. Wonderful photos, but the one of the dog and the ball is outstanding. Wowsah! Am thinking about giving “Reacher” a try. Finished “Raising Dion.” Always sad to come to the end of a series you really like. Sniff!

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    1. Thank you!!🙂 I’m out of control with the binge watching lately and after already finishing Raising Dion and Reacher I have no idea what I’m going to watch all weekend.😁 I love the Reacher books and while I wasn’t sure if the series could capture everything that is great about the character and stories, it was absolutely fabulous and I might just have to rewatch it all weekend.😁


  2. I am smiling at your words and photos, ACI. The chickadee wing spread being a high five, the bluebird on the car asking for a ride to someplace warm. Lovely winter photos. The sunrise over the lake is especially grand with the colors and reflections, clouds and swirls. So cold there…stay warm!

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    1. Thank you!!🙂 It’s always wonderful to have the rare bluebird visit and to share snowy days with my favorite little chickadees. Everything looks beautiful covered in snow after our snowstorm the other day and the birds and squirrels have been enjoying extra snacks during these very cold days.🙂

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  3. A fabulous winter collection! Looking forward to watching Reacher – sounds like they got it right?
    Will be dipping a toe back into sports over the weekend, but with very low soccer expectations. Lots of Six Nations rugby – I follow England and Ireland of course (divided loyalties), we lived in France so they are almost a favourite, have relatives in Wales and Scotland, and Italy is a beautiful country even if the rugby team is useless. Fun to watch regardless of the tournament winner!
    Have a great weekend!

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    1. Thank you!!🙂 I was about to say hurry and watch the fabulous Reacher series if your team loses, but it sounds like there are all winners in the tournament. Perfect adaptations don’t happen often when you love the books, but Lee Child and the writers got everything right!! Perfect for your next rainy day, since you don’t get the change to enjoy binge watching on those five degrees days. Enjoy the tournament!!🙂


    1. Thank you and I’m hoping for another Bengals high five celebration!!🏈😁

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  4. Great series of pictures. I had to smile at the dog and ball shot, as I have two labramutts that would so love to play in the snow – but alas…Georgia is rarely accomodating!

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