Favorites Of The Week

I thought it was going to be impossible to find some new favorites after a week of car and home repairs and following Harper around the yard trying to obtain a urine sample to see if she has an infection, but thankfully I was saved by this wonderful Baby Yoda Valentine’s chocolate.

Sweet little Harper is on antibiotics and feeling better, but

she let me know that from now on I’m to keep a ten foot distance during potty patrol.

It was my favorite week of winter conditions this season with a wonderful combination of cold, snow,

blue skies, artistic frost,

and a lovely warm day that reached 45 degrees.

I know many of us have hit the pandemic wall many times over the last two years, but I was surprised when the many notifications beeping in on Harper’s phone this week

were of the Canadian truckers blocking the streets of Ottawa along with the bridges at the Michigan-Ontario border and many Democratic leaders cancelling mask mandates. Thankfully there is plenty of chocolate and a Super Bowl this weekend to distract me from not only our transition to another phase of the pandemic, but also my brief hit the pandemic wall moments when I want to be flying down the road with a convoy singing East Bound and Down until I find the Back To Normal exit.