Favorites Of The Week

It’s amazing how one can lose track of what’s important or misplace a favorite thought, but I had no idea how much I had missed enjoying a strawberry margarita these last two years. Don’t ask me why, but in my mind strawberry margaritas are to be enjoyed at Jimmy Buffett concerts singing Margaritaville or at my favorite Mexican restaurant and that just hasn’t been happening. Thankfully National Margarita Day earlier in the week finally inspired me to place my first to-go margarita order. OMG, I wish I had the words to describe the best margarita I’ve had in thirty years and hope I don’t begin a quest to find the best to-go cocktail. The margarita was so good that I completely forgot about some less favorite things this week like snow monsters, rain, fog, icy roads, the fact that someone didn’t think we needed to celebrate National Tortilla Chip Day yesterday and that I didn’t order two margaritas, three margaritas