The Week In Seven Photos

It was suppose to be a peaceful morning on the nature trails, but

instead of those wonderful winter mornings of solitude just hanging out with the birds

along the trails

we were reminded that it’s that awful time in Michigan where everyone decides in March it’s time to leave their homes after a long winter hibernation.

The sandhill cranes were even squawking in protest at all the paparazzi and there was not a parking space available by the time we left the park. The pandemic shutdowns began two years ago this week and after a few years of viewing more than two people together on the trail as a crowd it was an absolute shock to see very large photography groups vying for the birds attention.

Just to be fair, I was very happy to share the trails with a coyote or a favorite that returns every March, but

I’m still not sure if we were shuddering from the cold, the new Dunkin’ Shamrock Macchiato or the crowds of people.