The Week In Seven Photos

Don’t really know why when the temperature goes from zero to sixty in a few days that it isn’t as exciting as flooring it after a green light in a fast hot rod, but trust me it really isn’t. Started the week with a freezing mini snow storm

that had Harper looking to the sky wondering for God’s sake when is this going to end.

Well, by the end of these cupcakes

the sunshine and sixty degrees arrived. Still not as exciting as a fast car, but better than the ’70s station wagon I drove after getting my driver’s license.

Unfortunately, we’re still waiting for the ice to melt so it’s not quite time for the kayaks or reading by the lake, but hopefully that will change in a few days.

There may be a chance for a walk with the birds this weekend, but

it will be a very busy sports weekend with the March Madness Tournament, wonderful return of baseball and a few hockey games if there is a tv or device available. Harper may have to wait another week for a chance to sit by the lake, but if my teams lose quickly this would be a great spot to sulk.