The Week In Seven Photos

It was a somewhat painful week on the nature trails with many close calls.

Amazingly I performed moves I didn’t know my body was capable of saving myself from falling to the ground after losing my balance on a hill while capturing my first flower photos of the season.

Another red-winged blackbird bounced off my head so hard that my niece could hear it and I swear it also tried to pull my hair. While my niece and the chipmunk were very amused by the situation

my muttering was met with a little disapproval.

In order to capture all the excitement at the rookery, I recently purchased a new camera strap to help ease the neck pain from carrying the heavy Tamron 150-600mm lens, but

discovered after a few miles and too many shots of the great blue herons that I need to work on my negotiating skills since I could not convince my niece to carry the camera.

When I came upon these herons in a tree toward the end of the trail, I don’t know if it was the scene or feeling a little old, but I was hoping this was the heron senior community that only allowed iPhone photos.