Don’t Wait For The Right Moment

Don’t wait for the “right” moment or picture-perfect way to celebrate. Just start. Do it now. Celebrate anything and everything—with dessert or something else. Just celebrate.

Dessert Can Save The World – Christina Tosi

8 responses to “Don’t Wait For The Right Moment”

    1. Loved the book and desserts!😁

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  1. It’s always the right time for a cake or dessert! Enjoy your day and the weekend ahead – I’ll be eating a consolation cake after the Merseyside derby. Maybe it’ll be a celebration?! Pickford will be busy…

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    1. Thank you!🙂 Good luck with the Merseyside derby, that match may require cake and a beer! I’ll be celebrating the beginning of kayaking season this weekend with temps nearing 80 degrees. Enjoy the weekend!🙂

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  2. Guess you like dessert then🍰🍧🍨🍩🍮🍷🍷😂☘️

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    1. Yes, I definitely believe life is short, eat dessert first and a balanced diet is having a delightful dessert in each hand!🍰🧁🍪🍩😁

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  3. Sounds and looks good to me!

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