Spring Mornings And Good TV Shows

Outer Range – Prime Video Official Trailer

14 responses to “Spring Mornings And Good TV Shows”

  1. And a very lovely one it is! We just started watching “Outer Range”—episode one last night—and we’re hooked. Have you watched more episodes.

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    1. Thank you!😁 I was skeptical about this one and Josh Brolin wasn’t on the favorite list, but all that changed by the time we finished watching three episodes. This is definitely one I would have binge watched so I could stop guessing about where the story is headed.😁

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      1. We watched episode two last night. Onward! But we also have our weeklies—“Moon Knight,” “Picard,” “Halo,” and “Slow Horses,” which, alas, is ending this week. As you might have guessed, we have a punishing schedule. πŸ˜‰

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  2. Beautiful colors! ❀️

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  3. So amazing! I love this! I wish I had taken it.

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  4. Wonderful ☺️

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      1. All my pleasure 😊

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