The Week In Seven Photos

While the great blue herons are staying right on schedule with their spring routines,

I on the other hand was so excited for the first sunrise kayaking of the season that I forgot how cold the water is in the spring and the all-important morning routine of bringing along a cup of coffee to warm up.

We celebrated my mom’s final cataract procedure

along with beautiful signs of spring.

Things took a drastic change when the temperature went from 80 degrees to feels like 22 degrees and I received my 2nd booster of the COVID-19 vaccine. Thoughts of kayaking quickly disappeared between the weather and not wanting to lift my sore arm.

I debated getting the second booster and was questioning the decision again when I woke up at midnight feeling lousy and as if I had been attacked by a flock of crazy red-winged blackbirds.

I don’t know if I was a little feverish or if they tweaked the formula for me, but by morning my attitude about the booster shot had improved drastically after spending the rest of the night dreaming about dating favorites Kevin Costner and Jimmy Buffett.

12 responses to “The Week In Seven Photos”

  1. Ha!! What wonderful dreams! Also as always, your images are amazing

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  2. There you go! A sweet dream sets everything to rights. Speaking of sweets…looking at the picture of candy made my mouth water. As always, lovely photos of nature. It’s been a chilly April. No wonder the water is still cold.

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    1. Thank you and since our celebration I’ve developed an addiction to chocolate covered pretzels!🙂 I can’t believe we had such a big temperature change again this week and we even had snowflakes one morning.🙂

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      1. The weather has been decidedly brisk in Maine, too. At the beginning of April, we ordered another load of wood for our wood furnace, and I’m glad I did.

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  3. Dream-booster, who knew? 😀

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    1. Love the new name and my attitude has already changed about the potential fall dream-booster.😁

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  4. Well that was a full week. I hope your mother can see much better and getting the booster is a good idea,……

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    1. Thank you and my mother is thrilled to be able to see good again!🙂 While I still have many questions about what’s going on, I decided after two years of trying to do everything to keep the family safe that I would continue to follow the recommendations and I’m glad I got the booster.🙂

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  5. An outdoor coffee is essential to start the day the right way! Spring is very elusive this year…
    Happy to hear Kevin and Jimmy were ready and willing to see you through the latest booster – a boost for your booster. Here’s hoping your arm and the weather don’t prevent some decent paddling over the coming weekend!

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    1. Thank you and I still can’t believe I forgot the coffee!!😁 Love Kevin and Jimmy and hope they keep this formula for the fall booster.😁 My arm is back to normal, but between this morning on the trails with the heavy lens and Harper not happy about being left home again, I think kayaking will have to wait for a few days. Enjoy the weekend and hopefully some warm spring weather!😎


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