The Week In Nine Photos

It was one of those special days on the nature trails this week where it felt like we encountered something beautiful every time we turned around, beginning with our first warbler

and trillium sightings.

I’m already missing the bare trees of winter after trying to photograph these elusive little warblers hidden in the bushes. I just love those cooperating birds that find the perfect perch.

Discovered something new on the trails this week, don’t whistle at a strutting turkey

because obviously it was misconstrued and he decided to follow me through the park

and appeared to want to talk about the special moment we had shared.

We’ve been avoiding a few spots after the last vicious attack by a red-winged blackbird that sounded like it was trying to rip off my niece’s ponytail. All that changed when both of us were ready to distract one of them

if it dared to harass one of our precious little cranes.

At a time when the world feels crazy, it’s wonderful to encounter so many beautiful moments on the trails.