The Week In Seven Photos

Thankfully I have several adorable photos to share this week to help distract from my pessimism.

Just like those old days when I loved to double down while playing blackjack in Las Vegas, I could double down on my pessimism this week, but, oh look, another adorable moment in nature.

Oh, this year it feels like there are dozens of topics instead of just a handful, let me choose a few from the pessimist deck of cards (inflation – corporate greed, COVID-19, women’s rights) but wait, maybe we better just look at another photo.

Let’s spin the pessimist roulette wheel (climate change, Trump candidates in 2022, unbelievable thought of Trump or DeSantis nominated in 2024, Tucker Carlson, gun control, equality, war…) – wait a minute, here’s another precious shot to save you from a rant or tossing all my chips.

A gorgeous sunrise should distract me from the depressing state of our social, political and world landscape, but all the upheaval is even showing up there.

I suppose I could try to be a little more optimistic for the youngsters,

but at my age I don’t gamble as much anymore and I’m beginning to think I have no idea how to communicate with almost all of the generations out there and I’m not about to join TikTok to figure it out.

12 responses to “The Week In Seven Photos”

  1. Oh no! Trump on the horizon again!! Quick back to beautiful pictures…

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    1. Love all the baby bird distractions!🙂 Some days I want to believe it’s just the news media that can’t stop talking about him, but then I drive around and still see yards with Trump flags.

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      1. So hope you don’t get him back.

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  2. Thanks for the lovely distractions. I needed them also!

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  3. Baby bird distractions go a long way towards being able to handle all the other crap, so thank you for these!
    Oilers scoring six and still losing by three also goes a long way! Looking forward to game 2 later today.
    But this week turned out just fine because against all the odds, Everton finally avoided relegation – with a game in hand. I never had a doubt (and we won’t repeat what I was saying at halftime)…
    Enjoy the weekend ahead!

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    1. Thank you!🙂 Between everything that’s going on and adding my sports teams into the mix, I’ll either need to be at the park every morning to see the baby birds or I’ve told Harper we need to add a few puppies to the family. Still can’t believe the Oilers/Flame score or the late score by the Hurricanes to tie the Rangers and force overtime. At least Everton was a bright spot during the week and did your brother celebrate on the field with the players?! Enjoy the weekend!🙂


  4. Yes, I do believe I would go mad if not for the beauty and solace of nature.
    Thanks for sharing the cuteness!

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    1. Thank you!🙂 Some days we feel like we could spend the whole day on the nature trails, but Harper has said that’s not allowed and we’re trying to find some where she can walk with us.🐾🙂

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  5. Thank goodness for nature, for getting outside and for seeing the baby birds. I’ve enjoyed the years of Trump not being mentioned on our UK news. But we have a lying idiot in charge in the UK who is a national and international embarrassment, so I guess I do avoid listening to the news anyway. Deep breathe and enjoy the nature.

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    1. Daily I’m surprised at how much Trump continues to be mentioned on the news and, you’re right, thank goodness for nature and plenty of deep breathing.🙂


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