Favorites Of The Week

The January 6th Hearings…Dark Winds (AMC Official Trailer)…B.B. King’s Bluesville Channel on SiriusXM…Sunrises…Catching Up On The New Yorker Magazines…Summer Reading Lists…Our Summer Turkeys Lounging In The Yard…Apple Music Recommendations…Cooling Blanket For The Latest Heatwave…

6 responses to “Favorites Of The Week”

  1. Lovely set of pictures! We, too, have been watching the January 6 hearings. Oh, my! “Dark Winds” looks so good. Unfortunately we don’t get AMC. Hope it will eventually go to other streaming services.

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    1. Thank you!🙂 The January 6th Hearings have been exceptional and I’m very glad I’ve been home to watch them. Dark Winds is another great show on AMC and they have a very good streaming app.🙂

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  2. Another fine collection – you are in full summer!
    I didn’t know about this new show, looks good, excellent actors. I’ve read most of the books in the series, really enjoyed them, shot through with Navajo humour, so this will go on the watchlist.
    Have a great weekend!

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    1. Thank you!🙂 I watched the series because of the actor Zahn McClarnon (Joe Leaphorn) and have already ordered the first book in the series. Great cast and the producers include Robert Redford, George R.R. Martin and Tony Hillerman’s daughter, Anne, whose books I also have to check out. Just found out it’s already been renewed for another season. Enjoy the weekend and hope some of our sunshine and hot summer weather is arriving in your area.🙂


  3. I saw Dark Winds got a speedy renewal from AMC. Have heard good stuff about it and may check it out.

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    1. Wonderful to hear it’s already been renewed for another season!🙂

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