Favorites Of The Week

NASA’s James Webb Telescope images…first batch of baby turkeys in the yard…Harper’s first close encounter with a chipmunk and, based on her expression, one better never run over her toes again…lobster roll…remembering what the lilies looked like before the deer ate all of them…snacks and coffee by the lake with the squirrels…rainbow and beautiful clouds in the backyard…Life Is Good candle…woodchuck hired to tend to the gardening…

10 responses to “Favorites Of The Week”

  1. Harper > Chipmunk. Baby turkeys – we have our share of wildlife but have never seen one of them. Lobster roll made me hungry for lobster…haven’t had it in a while!

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    1. For the last five years we’ve had turkeys visiting throughout the year and have been surprised that we’ve never seen the little ones. The mother arrived with ten of them one morning and we haven’t seen them since. I now know why we have over thirty that stay every winter. I look forward to lobster season at one of our local restaurants every July and they are always as fabulous as I remember.🙂

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  2. Lots going on! The photo of the sky is especially good.

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  3. The squirrel in the tree…life is good!

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    1. The squirrel had the perfect view and was high enough to enjoy his snack in peace without Harper patiently waiting for a game of chase.🐾😎


  4. A good week by the looks of it! 🙂

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    1. Thank you and after all my grumbling about the turkeys, seeing ten little ones wandering around was as adorable as Harper trying to figure out how she got chipmunk cooties on her toes.🐾😁

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      1. That chippy was playing an advanced game of chicken!

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