Favorites Of The Week

Top Gun Double Feature…Chasing Butterflies In The Garden…Taco Soup…Deer Family Playing In The Backyard…’70s On 7 Radio Station…First ESPN College GameDay Of The Season…2022 College Football Kickoff – Nebraska/Northwestern Playing In Dublin…Bryce Harper Hitting Home Runs Again…Season Finale Of Only Murders In The BuildingBad Sisters…Celebration Cake…Plenty Of Laughter…

8 responses to “Favorites Of The Week”

  1. So many beautiful photos, and one very tasty photo. ❤️

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  2. Wonderful photo of the deer!

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  3. wonderful favorite shares

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  4. I hear good things about the Top Gun movie – I’ll catch it at some point, curious to see if he gets away with it!
    Looks like you’re still in hot summer there, very colourful. It’s cooled off here, the last day or two, almost autumnal…
    Enjoy your weekend (hoping Everton gets the win, need some points before it starts to look grim!)

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    1. I’ve been waiting for this movie since early in the pandemic and while I’ve adjusted to not returning to movie theaters yet, it was very difficult to continue to wait for this to be released on streaming. I was somewhat skeptical of how popular it became and how fast it was becoming a box office record, but now that I’ve already watched it twice I can absolutely say Tom Cruise made the perfect sequel. Fantastic movie to watch on the next rainy day Scout refuses to go out for a walk. We only have a few more days that I’ll somewhat tolerate our warm temps and the weather gods better not mess with my favorite season or month. Enjoy the weekend!🙂


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