Rudely Awoken By A Leaf Blower

11 responses to “Rudely Awoken By A Leaf Blower”

  1. A month or so ago, while mowing I heard and felt a “bump” against my push mower. Next thing I know, a snake is slithering away. It was fine. I was fine. We decided to stay in each other’s lane after that. Your snake is way bigger. I may have run if I saw that one.

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    1. Discover something new every day, I will leave the lawn mower in the middle of the yard and run if I see one slithering around, but wake one up who’s too tired to move and I’m getting my iPhone out for a close up.😁

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  2. Better a leaf blower than a lawn mower…

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    1. Another good reason not to bag leaves!!😁

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      1. Well, after working for 20 years in the lawn maintenance industry, I must disagree. I always used a giant leaf blower attached to a big tractor with a three-point hitch, or just ground them up with a 60-inch mower deck. The poor thing would never stand a chance against the mower but that never happened, gladly.

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  3. Oh, my! That’s quite a curl of snake.

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    1. He must have really been snoozing, I’ve never had one that did not slither away!😁

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    1. Yikes is right, thank god Harper missed it or she would have refused to leave the house until next year!🐾😁


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