Winter Days Filled With Good Books, Food and TV Shows


Eat A Peach by David Chang

Ugly Delicious – Official Trailer

6 responses to “Winter Days Filled With Good Books, Food and TV Shows”

    1. Trying a new Momofuku recipe tonight!😁


  1. I’ll be needing a decent recipe, and a good book or movie to distract me from my latest Everton related bout of sulks! Oh well…
    Have a great weekend!

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    1. Everton losing and me cooking every day of the new year, I don’t know what’s going on!!😁 Whenever I can’t find a new show or movie, I always return to my favorite cooking and travel shows and I impressed myself with my great dinner last night from a recipe on the Momofuku website. Enjoy the weekend and let me know if you find a good book or movie!😎


      1. Best movie in recent weeks was “RRR” an absolute blast of energy and colour, enjoyed it as much as “Top Gun: Maverick” for over the top antics.
        Two books enjoyed recently were “Northern Spy” by Flynn Berry, and “The Expats” by Chris Pavone.

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      2. RRR now joins White Noise at the top of my Netflix watchlist, especially after that comparison to Top Gun: Maverick. I know those two are somewhere in my stacks of books and will try to find them after finishing the latest Harry Bosch novel.📖📖📖📖📖😁


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