Winter Mornings And Good Movies

RRR – Official Trailer

12 responses to “Winter Mornings And Good Movies”

  1. So cool, pretty, and tranquil. Looks like quite a movie. Was there any singing?

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    1. Thank you and it had fabulous singing and dancing!!🙂

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  2. You best check that thickness first! It’s beautiful too. ❤️

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    1. Thank you and I’ve only seen a couple people on the ice all winter.🙂

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      1. I guess they are smart and staying off of the thin ice. I remember playing with thin ice as a kid in Oakland County. Amazing I’m alive!

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  3. Such an entertaining movie – a visual treat!

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    1. We might have to debate that comparison to Top Gun: Maverick, but it was definitely a very entertaining movie!!😁 I was initially very skeptical when I noticed it was three hours long, but I was hooked by that great dance-off an hour into the movie! The movie had it all and Tom Cruise might have to up his game a little bit!😁


      1. Top Gun: Maverick vs RRR to be decided by a wing walking dance-off? Wouldn’t have surprised me if that had happened in RRR. Liked both movies, watched Top Gun feeling mightily relieved it lived up to the hype and TC was at his TC best. RRR was more of a delight because I knew nothing about it going in. Once I realized (after the first two minutes!) that it wasn’t going to be subtle, I jumped right in. If my ten year old self had seen it, he’d have proclaimed it the greatest movie ever…

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      2. OMG, love the idea of a wing walking dance-off!!!😁 With a little more work after his Vodka commercial, we might be able to team up Daniel Craig and Tom Cruise against Raju and Bheem! I’ve been a fan of dance and action movies since my childhood days and would have never imagined the dance-off and Raju fighting on Bheem’s shoulders would join the favorites list. Top Gun is that rare movie where the original and sequel are almost equally fabulous!😁


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