I’ve Been Pondering…

What does it say about my attitude this year that my witty coffee mugs have been replaced by this classic diner mug? Too many episodes of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives? Too many healthy habits affecting my witty edge? Thor’s Diner Scene? Pining for a simpler world? Discovering coffee tastes better in old fashioned mugs with Half and Half that remind me of my grandmother. Realizing in the midst of middle age and a snowstorm that the old cool expressions feel elusive and a new motto is currently a work in progress…

8 responses to “I’ve Been Pondering…”

  1. Time marches on, doesn’t it? A part of us remains the same while another part changes. Looking forward to seeing your new motto.

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    1. Thank you and it feels like it’s marching too fast!🙂 In addition to all the major changes in society over the last decade, somehow the COVID pandemic and two back injuries happening in my fifties that have required so many changes and adjustments has led me in a new direction. I’m also looking forward to seeing where it goes and the new motto.🙂

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  2. Gotta love the simplicity in it all. This made me smile🥰

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  3. For me, there will always be room on the table – at any age – for a classic, diner mug!

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    1. Enjoying my excellent coffee and diner mug!!☕️

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  4. How many ways are you embracing snow?! Nothing beats good coffee in a diner mug – that plain one looks ready for a motto…
    An Everton-free weekend here, phew. Hope yours is a good one!

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    1. I’ve grudgingly agreed to two weeks of winter and that’s it!! I’ve given up Starbucks and am perfecting my morning cup of coffee. The diner mug may remain without a motto, as all these new habits have left me speechless. Enjoy the weekend!😁


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