Winter Mornings And Good Music

I’ve Got The Music In Me – The Kiki Dee Band

10 responses to “Winter Mornings And Good Music”

  1. Wowsah! That is some spread. Looks like he is wearing a bowtie.

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    1. Thank you and they show up at daylight every morning and put on quite a show!😁


  2. Getting ready for spring! 😀

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    1. It’s going to be an interesting spring!! We’ve never had this many males showing off this early and each morning they gather in a circle to debate who looks the best. I hope they just continue to strut around each other and don’t fight.🙂

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      1. There’s bound to be a scuffle or two. It’s a guy-thing. 😀

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  3. Mr. Wild Turkey is sure strutting his stuff!

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    1. I was shocked to see five turkeys strutting around this morning with temps below zero!🥶

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  4. Great picture & great music.

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