I’ve Been Pondering…

Being referred to as set in my ways. I’ve never been the my way or the highway type, in my mind more of a somewhat carefree stubborn solid as a rock type with a few rules and schedules. This pondering was set off by my niece questioning after a recent shopping outing how I could have so many shopping rules for a new store. I’ve tried to explain to the youngster how vibes can influence rules. She had no idea that certain roads, parking spaces, aisles and checkout lines had vibes or that the whole mood of the store can change based on the bakery, wine and dog toy aisles not having our favorites. I’ve already let my niece know that as we celebrate Harper’s birthday this weekend there will be none of that talk about teaching an old dog new tricks.

14 responses to “I’ve Been Pondering…”

  1. Happy Birthday, Harper! 🙂
    I am wondering if there was wave action in that icy water and if there was, what all that ice ‘glass’ sounded like?

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    1. Thank you!🐾🙂 We’ve had extreme changes in the temperature and I was there a day it was freezing and everything was just as frozen as me.🙂

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  2. Happy birthday to dear little Harper, whose tricks are all exactly right.

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  3. Great photos, hi Harper! ☺️

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  4. Great photographs! Happy Birthday, Harper!
    Set in your ways or confident? As we reach almost early middle age, I think it’s confidence – we have some idea as to what works, and if we’re wrong, don’t much care! (Is that stubbornness?!) Wine works, beer works, but only if they’re good ones from the right store. (Is that set in your ways or ritual/superstition?!)
    I’ll be watching Everton on Monday – I know I shouldn’t, but if I watch through fingers from behind the sofa pretending I don’t care, that should work?
    Have a great weekend!

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    1. Thank you for the many laughs!!😁 Had to debate this again when my niece read my blog today and it appears there is still a difference of opinion and stubbornness definitely runs in the family. It has been fun to enjoy more of that almost early middle age don’t much care attitude. I do hope you don’t scare Scout hiding behind the sofa and manage to see a few Everton goals. Luckily it looks like it’s going to be a warmer weekend with blue skies and extra birthday walks for Harper. Enjoy the weekend!🐾😁


      1. You’re welcome. 😌

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  5. Sweet photo. Happy Birthday, Harper!

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