Exciting Spring Mornings And Good TV Shows

Lucky Hank – Official Trailer

10 responses to “Exciting Spring Mornings And Good TV Shows”

  1. Avian conversation and confrontation. Don’t stand so close to me!

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    1. The swans are usually pretty good at sending other birds on their way and loved watching the sandhill crane be unimpressed!😁

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  2. the swan seems preoccupied with something under the water?

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    1. Just the swan game face after being amazed his glare was not enough to scare away the cranes.😁

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  3. Whoa, boundary dispute!

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    1. First time I’ve watched a meeting between cranes and swans and was very happy the swan did not scare away the lovely couple!😁

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  4. Great captures of a spontaneous get-together!

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  5. That was quite the face off!
    Interesting trailer – I loved Breaking Bad, still haven’t watched Better Call Saul, and now there’s this. I need to stay in more…

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    1. What a morning with the birds, loved every minute of the face off, but Harper would not let me stay for round three!! Breaking Bad is an all-time favorite and loved him in the series. Enjoyed watching him in Nobody and this looks like another great role for him.🙂


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