Spring Mornings And Good Music

Rockin’ My Boogie – Daddy Long Legs

15 responses to “Spring Mornings And Good Music”

  1. This series of photographs sure did make me smile. Very appropriate song.

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  2. Very beautiful photos of the birds dancing! ❤️☺️

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      1. You’re welcome. ☺️

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  3. Love how the one bird seems to be doing all the talking and gesturing, while the other just looks on lol.

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    1. I was out walking Harper when I came across this wonderful couple and thought the dancing would stop once they noticed Harper, but I think the crane loved having an audience.🐾😁

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  4. Crane dance, ‘the wind beneath my wings!’

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    1. I loved watching them!!😁


  5. Thanks for sharing these.

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