I’ve Been Pondering…

New Beginnings. I’m trying to simplify my life, so as not to overthink in my first week what this journey will entail, I will share the symbolism of hope and new beginnings of the daffodil.

6 responses to “I’ve Been Pondering…”

  1. Great image!
    Hope your weekend goes well!

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    1. Thank you and things will be fabulous if Toronto and Edmonton win tomorrow night!! Enjoy the weekend!😎


  2. Wishing you all the best on this part of your journey…..I’ve found that as I get older, the more simple I want my life to be. Looking at my life through my new age of 60 eyes and my health issues has and continues to humble me…I’m aiming for a simpler life as well.

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    1. Thank you!🙂 I began this blog over eight years ago hoping to celebrate the simple life and somewhere between my personality and life, I was celebrating more simple life moments than days. The pandemic and two back injuries in four years has changed my lifestyle and while I wish I had made changes earlier, I’m happy to know that I’m ready to make different choices. I’m already noticing a difference in just the first week, even if my niece keeps laughing and asks if I’m sure I can handle this.🙂

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