Rainy Spring Days And Good Music

Funny How Time Slips Away – Elvis

12 responses to “Rainy Spring Days And Good Music”

  1. Most impressive thing on this photo is the LP price. 🙂

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    1. Times have changed!!🙂

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  2. My family in Michigan says that it’s been unusually cold and rainy lately and it’s May? Weird.

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    1. We had a wonderful week of weather in April and since then we’ve had cold, rain, sleet, hail, frost, snow showers…Thank god sunshine and warmer temps finally arrived today!!😎

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      1. I spoke with my sister today, she said it was beautiful! Finally.

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  3. Such rainy Spring Days. We have rain here too. Anita

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    1. We finally had a sunny day after many days of rain and snow showers.🙂

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  4. Thumbs up on your choice of audio technica!

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