I’ve Been Pondering…

The art of being relaxed when approached by a stranger. Harper and I have been known to scare off a variety of wildlife in the backyard, but for some reason this mourning dove did not view us as a threat and stayed there relaxed for a photo shoot. This is the polar opposite of earlier in the week when a car stopped by Harper and I while walking in a deserted park and as the man rolled down his BACK window to talk to me my first thought was “KILLER.” Now, I still don’t know if it was the combination of it being a foggy, rainy deserted morning,

the back window thing, news headlines or watching too many episodes of Criminal Minds that played into that reaction. Even though it was a brief pleasant conversation, Harper and I will be walking the Main Street sidewalks this weekend because for some reason we’re never suspicious of those random strangers that stop to talk to Harper.

6 responses to “I’ve Been Pondering…”

  1. possibly a reflection of the world around you?

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    1. I definitely need to stop beginning my day with the news programs!🙂

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  2. Great photos. Love the dewy daffodil (?).

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    1. Thank you and Harper loves the daffodils!🐾🙂

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  3. Scout goes batsh*t if a stranger slows down and asks for help from a vehicle – I think she still hasn’t worked out it’s a person, not a talking lump of metal… I give the directions or whatever, but the person probably hasn’t taken it in due to Cujo. Still, of the two, it makes me look the friendly and approachable one!
    Here’s wishing you a great weekend, fog free and safe from any John Carpenter stuff!

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    1. I told my niece I can’t watch any more of her horror movies!! A few days after this happened, I took Harper out after dark and while standing guard against the animals I heard footsteps in the gravel. Harper barked and I think I had my best time in the 40 yard dash back to the door. I think I’m under too much stress from my sports teams. Luckily I think I’ll be kayaking instead of walking since we have a few days of great weather and I only have to worry about the swans scaring me while I’m out on the water. Enjoy the weekend!🐾😁


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