The Week In Seven Photos

Spent some time talking with the little birds,

walking with the big birds,

celebrating young love,

and enjoying the goslings and northern lights.

Somehow found myself celebrating the coronation

and also enjoying one of the best gumbos made.

There were days the weather and walks were as beautiful as the great blue herons and the Toronto Maple Leafs finally winning a game in their series against the Florida Panthers.

10 responses to “The Week In Seven Photos”

  1. The titmouse shot is so endearing!

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  2. What fantastic week! The British donut looks oh so scrummy. Wonderful bird pictures, especially that dear little tufted.

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    1. Thank you and it was a wonderful donut!😁

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  3. Leafs have it all to do – here’s hoping…
    Like the bird photos, big and small, and the first one is delightful!
    Not expecting anything from Everton against City, so relying on other teams at the foot of the table doing as badly – desperate times (as usual!)
    Have a wonderful weekend!

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    1. Thank you and I already disturbed Harper from her nap muttering after Florida scored first tonight!! I’m hoping Toronto can turn this into an amazing series win, but I keep thinking I just know it’s going to be a Carolina/Dallas Stanley Cup. Enjoy the weekend!🐾🙂


  4. Coronation donuts! 😄

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    1. They had coronation cupcakes too, but I had to try these!😁

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  5. That’s so funny they’ve labelled those as UK donuts. They look more like an iced bun with cream in. Our “donutsl are still deep fried like yours, and some are long with cream in and sugar coated, but these look like enriched baked dough which is something different…they all taste delicious so what does it really matter. Also we spell it doughnut here although you see donut more and more these days. 😃

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    1. It was fun to find the doughnuts for the coronation and wish I could try a real one in the UK!!!😁

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