A Heartening Sign

Young couple spellbound Sunset beam adds to the glow A heartening sign

The Week In Seven Photos

“I’ll Be Home For Christmas” “It’s Christmas Time In The City” “Why Can’t Every Day Be Like Christmas” “Snow Is Glistening” “Wonderful World Of Christmas Was Made For The Young And The Old” “Peace In The Valley” “Silent Night” Merry Christmas, Harper and Susan

The Week In Seven Photos

Hello there, it’s been a week of thinking about choices as our country faces a monumental decision next week choosing our future path. Harper wants to be able to choose who she has to hang out with and is demanding veto power over all photo shoots. It would be nice if our differences over choices could…

The Week In Seven Photos – 50 Word Story

A new introvert coffee mug is needed as I’ve paddled so far away from society that the birds believe I’m an extrovert who never leaves early. The path back to society is fading as its stripped bare of old enjoyments. Although, I’d social distance and rejoin for a food truck.