“The woman who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no one has ever been before”

(Photos by A Curious Introvert)

Throughout life we find ourselves defined by a lifetime of labels, some of our own choosing and others bestowed upon us.  It begins very early in life as we instantly become a daughter, a sister, the youngest or the oldest and as we start to leave the safe confines of family we discover a whole world waiting with a new set of labels.  Who among us becomes the introvert or the extrovert, the dreamer or the realist, adventurer or artist, or many other labels like mother, wife, girlfriend, best friend, career woman, or caregiver.  Throughout our lifetime journey of discovery we will accept or reject many labels and as we discover it is time to breakaway from labels that no longer define us, we may discover ourselves alone on our new path.  As we take our first steps toward a shore of new opportunities, we may stumble or lose faith, but as we gaze out into the unknown the forces of nature will speak to the woman willing to walk alone and lead her toward a road of awareness, strength and determination to follow her dreams and create her own labels.  As we discover ourselves and our place on these new paths, we will occasionally be lucky enough to cross pathways with other women who have had the courage to take that unknown walk alone to find themselves and we can share a moment of reflection as we turn toward a horizon that holds the hope of beauty, knowledge, and self-awareness as we search for our authentic selves.

This post is dedicated to my mother who has been an inspiration as a woman willing to walk her own path on her discovery of her own true north.  She has been a beacon of light shining as bright as a Michigan lighthouse and providing a lifetime of guidance, strength, and security when the waters have been peaceful, rocky or turbulent and always shining a light on a path back to a safe harbor.