The Week In Seven Photos

As a lifelong introvert, one would not imagine that in my midlife years the phrase social distancing would have such an unsettling effect.  Many a day I have preferred the company of my dogs over people and the thought of not receiving any invitations in the mail to large gatherings makes me smile. The quirks of…

Rivalry Saturday

One of my favorite sporting days has arrived as Rivalry Saturday is upon us as the regular college football season winds down before the championship and bowl games.  These are some of my top games on a day with more than a win on the line. Michigan vs. Ohio State – 12:00 pm Clemson vs….

Young Dude

All The Young Dudes – Mott The Hoople

The Week In Seven Photos

It’s that time of year in Michigan when you want to wake up with the birds and enjoy the lake and sunrise before the rest of the world awakes. You can sing your favorite tunes from your summer playlist without scaring anyone other than the birds, not worry about being without a fishing pole since…