A golden glow swirled around the lone boat lift left on the lake as a silent reminder that the boating season has ended and as calendar pages were changed and clocks pushed back, the shadows and glow of melancholy crept ashore to shine a light on change and endings.  It is easy to identify with the boat lover unwilling to part with boating season and recall a lifetime of memories of fighting against the ending or change of something that is loved and enjoyed.  The enjoyment of summer vacations during childhood and the dread of the dwindling days as the school year approached.  The remembrance of the last book and cookie sold as the doors darkened and the signs were removed at a favorite bookstore or bakery.  The fading light of fall signaling the approach of a long winter.  The loss of the sound of the daily newspaper hitting the steps after companies are forced to stop delivery and move information online.  The loss of romance as dating sites replace actual dating and great romantic comedy movies are replaced with movies that mock romance or show the reality we were trying to escape.  The loss of conversations flowing freely and creating magical moments in a world of texting and online communication.  The confusion at workplace atmospheres that have changed from cubicles, corner offices and competition to group workspaces, treadmill desks and entertainment areas .  The inability to buy a great fitting pair of jeans.  The sadness at the loss of friendship, loved ones and the difficulties of aging and the changing nature and expectations in longterm relationships.  All of these changes and endings seem more pronounced while aging in a rapidly changing society.  Looking toward the clouds to shake the wave of melancholy, it takes a moment for the morning light to work on a lightening of the spirit as an echo of one of my mother’s favorite phrases, “it’s time to pull yourself up by your bootstraps,” swirls through my mind and eventually reminders of new beginnings begin to crowd out the thoughts of change and endings.  While the new never quite replaces the love of the old, there is an opportunity for humor and hope in the face of endings and change.  Similar to a boat owner who leaves a rowboat as a back-up plan by the water for a chance to enjoy the lake until it freezes, it is time to find a silver lining  to help deal with so many endings and change.  Until the skinny jeans phase is over, it may be necessary to buy yoga pants or leggings until a decent pair of comfortable fitting jeans can be made.  The realization it is time to embrace and join the social world through blogging and, to be honest, for an introvert it is sometimes a relief to be saved from all those chances for conversations.  In middle age, it is probably better not to drive by a bakery daily.  While e-books can never replace the love of actual books and browsing a bookstore, it is wonderful to go crazy with excitement over a new topic and instantly have the books.  Friendships may be more difficult to find, but the lessons of age have improved their quality.  Without daily newspaper there is more time to read blogs from all over the world and the loss of great romantic comedies has opened up more time for binge-watching television shows.  Memories of laughter, friendship and love can help ease the pain of loss and sadness and bittersweet moments of melancholy moods serve as reminders of all that has been cherished and loved over the years.




9 Replies to “Melancholy Mood”

  1. Another thoughtful piece. As a fellow introvert, I recognize and enjoy the freedoms of blogging – the chance to be reflective without the pressures of immediacy much of the modern world brings. A silver lining to the melancholic e-cloud of too much high speed modernity!
    I enjoy changes in life, provided the changes are self directed, worth appreciating, or inevitable due to the passage of time – even sad events…

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    1. Thank you. My one year anniversary of blogging is next week and I completely understand and agree with your comment on the freedoms of blogging and am grateful weekly for the changes it has brought to my life and my view of the world.


      1. I watched a riveting series called Line of Duty which was excellent. I am watching the first season of Bloodline. it is good. Fargo the first season was extraordinary.the second was disappointing

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      2. Better Call Saul is good, I have seen only the first season. the other two I haven’t seen. But this one was really stunning. could literally not leave the screen even for water, coffee, hungry cats, phone call anything! don’ t miss it

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